Wednesday, November 29, 2006

T-day Food

Here's some of our very traditional Turkey Day food from this year, including Aaliyah's famous mac & cheese, some delicious salad, and some of my amazing (if I do say so myself) homemade cranberry sauce!

Road Sign

My new favorite photo ever. Taken in Nantes, France, this road sign says (roughly):

^ Time to pause
<- Bird songs
-> Sunsets

Transport for London

This is my view every time I cross over Waterloo Bridge to get to and from the LSE.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jeff and Chesa and the Air Ambulance


This was the air ambulance we used to evacuate Jean from Kunming, China to Albuquerque, NM. Posted by Picasa

Elements Abound

  Posted by Picasa

Petropavlovsk's Volcano


A new day dawns in Petropavlovsk, Siberia, Russia. Posted by Picasa

Siberia's Mountains in the Morning

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Here's the Russian airport I mentioned briefly in my posting on my other bloger, Fun Facts for wHeNeVeR, The Gods Must be CRAZY. Posted by Picasa

Jen's Appendix II


See Jay. See Jay boss Jen. See Jay hold Jen's appendix in a ziplock bag. Posted by Picasa

Jen's Appendix


So, this is a kinda old picture that I'm just getting around to posting, but I thought it was interesting and I'd share it anyway. This is a picture of Jen G's appendix as held by Jen C. There is a whole long story that goes with it, but the short version is: Jen G. has appendicids. It moves to the other side of her abdominal cavity and it bursts. The Chinese doctors finally figure it out and send her into surgery. They bring us (her friends waiting for her) her appendix. Months of recovery including a serious allergic reaction that almost killed her. Oh China. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

DDR Rules!


Well, and if I'm not playing taiko drum games, then you know that I'm playing Dance Dance Revolution (or the Chinese version, EZ Dance) with my good friend Jen. Posted by Picasa

Taiko Drumming


This is me having way too much fun at the video arcade my last night in Kunming. Many of you know that I LOVE playing the taiko drum game, and so here is a pic of me doing exactly that. I miss it already! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Monkeys! I said the animals in India amaze me. Here were a pack of monkeys on the way up to a temple dedicated to Brahma's wife outside of Pushkar.

The city palace of Jaisalmer.

In contrast, here is the golden city in the far west of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer.

These are the blue Brahamin houses from the Rajput capital of Jodhpur. The whole city was blue!

I think you all know where this is. Chesa braved her tummy troubles (or her Delhi belly as she likes to call it) in order to see the famed site.

This is me and Xiao Xiong on his first excursion outside of Kunming to the crystal clear Fuxian Lake a few hours outside of Kunming. My student brought me, and we had a really good time until I almost fell into the lake...